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Since the site funding has been good lately and we had some very generous donators,  I have hired someone to do some work on the site. Some of these are just small visual fixes, but I think they help out in a one way or another. Read on to see the list of things already completed and I’ll update as other things get completed.

Calendar view:
1. Post centered in agenda view.
2. Removed cut off text from posterboard view. It now only shows the image.
3. Removed “all day” text from posts
4. Trailers now works in agenda view without having to open the post.
5. Calendar will now go back to last view used (posterboard, month, agenda) instead of going back to default posterboard view.

1. Odd and even rows are different colors for easier viewing.
2. List will now only show a number of links. Allows for faster page load and I don’t have to manually edit the list to shorten it.

Series list:
1. Clickable letters are now at the top to jump to specific section.
2. Odd and even rows are different colors for easier viewing.
3. Thumbnails added to list.
4. “Return to top” button added. Will appear on the bottom right after scrolling down so far.

1. Tag cloud changed to drop down menu for faster loading of pages.
2. Changed star rating to multiple rating style setup. Can now rate based on art, story, animation, and overall. Top rated list will use old ratings till enough new ones are generated.

More to come.