Welcome to HentaiTake!

1. What is offered in HentaiTake?

Torrents and direct download for hentai videos are offered. However, due to the unpopularity of seeding through torrents, HT will not guarantee torrents for older releases. Torrents for most can be found at Bakabt.me or sukebei.nyaa.eu but please do not ask mods if you can’t find them, some just don’t exist. Direct downloads are free.

2. When do you post hentai or new releases?

New releases depend on the availability. Usually, the first thing that will come out are the Raws (without subs). Do not ask when it will be subbed by specific groups because we DON’T KNOW either. Hentai updates depend on our mood and availability.

3. What do I do if I see broken or dead links?

Please make a comment on the specific post regarding such matters. Notifications will be sent to us so we can resolve the matter ASAP.

4. Do you accept requests? If so, how do I make a request?

You can leave a message on the chatbox or you can go to the forums HERE.

5. What’s the use of Autofeed?

Sometimes, the uploads are already done but the main post isn’t ready. It’s recommended for users to check out the Autofeed for updates. New releases from fansub groups are also automatically added as soon as they are released.

6. Why are there only 10bit downloads available when there are 8bit releases also?

Because 8bit is an obsolete format and there is no reason for it. All computers within the last 7 years should be able to play it and if you’re having issues its more likely a setting error in your player.

7. What Video Player should I use?

If you’re somewhat tech savvy, use Media Player Classic Home Cinema + MadVR. Instructions are found HERE.

An easier way is to install CCCP from here and you will get Media Player Classic Home Cinema bundled with it. Here is a step by step guide.

For Mac and Linux, the recommended vid player is VLC . If you’re on windows and using VLC, we will ignore your cries for help completely.

8. Do you accept donations?

Good question. YES. We need money to keep the server running. Any financial help will keep this site alive.  To donate, click on the donation banner on the upper right corner of the page.

9. Can I post links to other hentai sites on the chatango box?

Absolutely not. Violating this rule after being warned a number of times will result in a ban.

10. Can I say vulgar words in the chatango box?

It depends but spamming/flooding of such words is not allowed. Cussing other users and/or admins in the chatango box will very likely result in a ban. If we’re feeling sadistic, it will be a site ban.

11. Who’s the Admin of HT?

KogaHT is the HT daddy (don’t mess with him). Pyxie is the adopted niece he molests.